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Sticker Bologneser
Sticker Bologneser

10,00 EUR

add. the appropriate shipping costs
Delivery Time: 2-3 Days

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Sticker Motiv Special Model REORDER

10,00 EUR

add. the appropriate shipping costs
Delivery Time: 2-3 Days

sticker / Decall

Your wish label in connection with a commissioned work REORDER

 by NaehEcke

       the stickers on the car, the rear window and almost all smooth surfaces in indoor and outdoor applications (glass, mailbox, etc.)
       Quality films in many different colors
       to install self-adhesive and easy
       Designs available as a Wall Decal
       Motifs for designing textiles, bags, etc. are available on request

It's that easy:

    Choose a color
    Select size (indicated longest side)
    Select mounting (indoor / outdoor use)
    To order

Here you can order your dog, cat or horse.

Your photo will be converted into a large resolution as a sticker.

In such circumstances:
also special designs (animal portraits and all other embroidery or plotter files) which we make exclusively on behalf of the customer and especially for the customer NOT TRANSFERABLE!
If our customers pass on the motives specially made for them to other persons this is no longer compatible with our offer and the price must be adjusted accordingly.
This offer is only valid for private persons and entrepreneurs according to small business regulation § 19UstG.
Other company forms receive an individually tailored offer.

Personally for their own use.

- the image of your animal in JPEG format in high resolution is needed.
- Order and payment only in advance
- You will receive your embroidery file in your desired size and format.

You can also use your file for small business purposes.
An indication that the file was created by www.NaehEcke.com would be very nice.

personalized stickers (dogs, cats, horses):

The creation of such a file costs per head 40 € zzg. Sticker!
The image of your pet (dog / horse / cat) should be photographed and transmitted with a high resolution.

New customers should contact me via e-mail, so that you can get to know each other briefly and to discuss different details.
Many Thanks!

Of course I need a template.
Best of all, from which I can choose the best prospects.
A good and high resolution from 1000 pixels is needed.
Simply enlarge only to the necessary pixels is not useful, because this makes the recording look blurred when zooming.
And then comes a lot of manual work.
I do NOT work with Photoshop, Inkscape or similar, but draw every single motif by hand on the PC!

I use different pictures on my pedigree dogs,
to deliver the most neutral portrait of a race.

This includes, for example, giving the dog a certain direction.

Because nothing looks worse in the eyes of a dog owner,
as if the dog does not look up.
He should and may therefore like to look at you (but please at eye level!)
But it is enough to rotate an image by a few degrees.
(Of course this does not apply to "proud" dog breeds with "huge ego" or CATS: D, they just do not look up!)

There is a working time of at least 2-3 hours per portrait inside, which one does not see.

Therefore, it is also important, the animal at least from eye level and or if you take pictures for two, the owner with delicious treats about 1 meter in front of you, and they take the pictures from hand height at eye level of the animal (so diagonally from above)!
Strangely enough ... I hope you understand: D

Each animal is individual, each animal is beautiful and has its own charisma.
Please note, however nice, the snapshot / image of the animal is, unfortunately, it can not always implement everything one to one.

And still very important:
If you want a picture in the race of your animal:
then all paws should be visible.
Because nothing looks worse than an animal that lacks a paw (or is not visible).
And still very important for full body pictures:
- if possible pictures from the side.
- Not oblique (looks misshapen)
- and not from scratch (looks stupid too)

You see: the correct selection of the picture is very difficult, but still fun !!!

When selecting the picture, the following should be noted:
- photographed from eye level
- choose a high resolution from the beginning
- if there should be a picture in progress, all legs / feet should be visible
- if the dog has a drawing to be displayed, then make sure that the photo is bright enough

So please send me more and more pictures so that I can make a pre-selection to show you which photos are suitable for editing.

These pictures can be sent to info at paw-sticker .de to your invoice number to send me.
Once the receipt has been recorded, I will prepare your Motive and then send you a preliminary draft for further coordination.



Sticker Motiv Special Model REORDER

This product was published on Tuesday, 16 October 2018 in our catalogue.

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Sticker Motiv Special Model
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