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ORACAL 638 Wall Art is a very flexible soft PVC film with a matte finish. The film is ideal for wall tattoos, wall decorations, lettering and markings indoors, especially on interior walls. In addition, the film is flame retardant.

ORACAL 638 Wall Art The film is perfectly suitable for mounting on flat surfaces and the removable polyacrylate adhesive allows it to be removed from most surfaces without residue. Before bonding, the substrate must be free of dust, grease and dirt. After bonding, the wall foil is temperature-resistant from -40 ° C to + 80 ° C, in which no significant changes can be expected. The durability of the film indoors is up to 2 years.

Ground treatment
The high-quality special adhesives of the ORACAL® and ORAJET® self-adhesive materials form a very good bond
almost all clean surfaces (wallpaper).
Unsuitable substrates are e.g.
• coarse textured substrates,
• concrete, plasterboard walls, plaster,
• surfaces with dust-repellent surface,
• damp-proof walls (eg bathroom, garage) or even damp walls,
• soiled wall surfaces (e.g., nicotine, fat),
• poorly adhering surfaces (e.g., old wallpaper).
It is important to clean the surface just before gluing, as dust and other suspended particles are extreme
can settle quickly on the surface. For cleaning we recommend a dry and lint-free microfibre cloth.
Particular attention should be paid to the areas in which the corners and edges of the graphics are located.
Basically, the films are to be glued dry. For more information, please refer to the above
Processing instructions.

Product description
Very conformable soft PVC film. Available in over 50 colors with a matt surface.
One side coated silicone cardboard, 135 g / m². For white film, a light blue coated silicone cardboard is used to
to achieve a stronger contrast to the subject.
Polyacrylate, easily removable
scope of application
For markings, lettering and decorations on wallpaper indoors. Very suitable for processing
on cutting plotter systems. For the application we recommend as transfer tape ORATAPE® LT 95.
Technical specifications
Thickness * (without protective paper and adhesive) 0.080 mm
Dimensional stability (FINAT ™ 14) glued on steel, no measurable shrinkage in transverse direction,
in running direction max. 0.4 mm
Temperature resistance *** Bonded to aluminum, -40 ° C to + 80 ° C, none
Fire behavior (DIN EN 13501-1) B-s2, d0 (hardly inflammable, limited smoke generation,
no dripping)
Adhesive strength * (FINAT TM 1, after 24h, stainless steel) 6 N / 25 mm
Tear resistance (DIN EN ISO 527) Longitudinal:> 19 MPa
Cross:> 19 MPa
Elongation at break (DIN EN ISO 527) Longitudinal:> 130%
Cross:> 150%
Shelf life ** 2 years
Bonding temperature> + 10 ° C
Durability with proper processing
(Internal use)
2 years
Removability Can be removed residue-free from most surfaces
* Average value ** in original packaging, at 20 ° C and 50% rel. humidity
product Note
The surface to be glued must be free of dust, grease or other contaminants that increase the bond strength of the surface
Material can affect. In order to determine whether the type of subsoil provides a sufficient primer, are
perform application tests before the application. Furthermore, those issued by ORAFOL
To observe processing instructions. The traceability of our goods according to ISO 9001 is based on the roll number
All ORACAL® products undergo thorough quality control throughout the manufacturing process. It will
warrants that the products will be delivered in commercial quality and free from manufacturing defects. The ones to the ORACAL®
Published information is based on research that the company deems reliable, but none
Guarantee. Due to the diverse application possibilities of ORACAL® products and the continuous development of new ones
Applications are the responsibility of the purchaser, the suitability and performance of the product for each intended use
to consider. The buyer bears all risks arising from the use of these products. All information is subject to change
any changes. ORACAL® is a registered trademark of ORAFOL Europe GmbH.

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